Seaweed Week Merch & More

About Heritage Seaweed

North America's premier seaweed specialty shop is Heritage Seaweed. We're also the founders of Seaweed Week!

Located in Portland, Maine, Heritage Seaweed carries local dried species like dulse, kombu, nori, sea lettuce, sugar kelp and wakame, plus seaweed seasonings, pickles, salsa, hot sauce, popcorn, soup mixes, crunch bars, tea and chocolate.

Additionally, there's seaweed-based skincare items, cookbooks, field guides and more. We also stock a carefully curated selection of Maine made gifts.

And, of course, you can always pepper us with questions and we can nerd out about seaweed together.

Please stop in and see us!


Location: 61 India St, Portland, ME
Phone: 207-613-9744