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Cucumber Wakame Salad

Contributed by Atlantic Holdfast, a small company working to sustainably hand-harvest high quality sea vegetables from the Gulf of Maine.  Their harvesting operation is based on a remote island in outer Penboscot Bay, 7 miles off Stonington, where the strong currents, active surf, and full exposure to the open ocean have allowed these seaweeds to thrive for millenia.


2 oz alaria/wakame (or skinny kelp or sugar kelp)

2 cucumbers

3 TBSP apple cider vinegar

3 TBSP maple syrup or honey

2 TBSP Olive or Sunflower Oil

2 TBSP sesame seeds

1-2 cups of fresh blueberries (optional)


  1. Simmer the kelp in a covered pot of water for 30-45 minutes until tender.
  2. While the seaweed is cooking, peel the cucumbers and slice into thin half-moons. Combine with the vinegar, syrup, oil, sesame seeds and blueberries (if using) and set aside.
  3. Drain the cooked seaweed through a colander and reserve the cooking water for later use. (This "broth" can be used as a base for soups, beans, rice, pot roasts, braising vegetables, etc). Spread the seaweed onto a cutting board to cool, and chop into bite-sized pieces. When cool, combine the seaweed with the cucumbers. Serve or refrigerate immediately.

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